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White or pastel colors are perfect for lighter backgrounds.
Casual outfits in earth tones work best for outdoor photographs.
Middle tones or deeper solid colors are ideal for formal portraits.
Bright colors look great with our Color Key backgrounds.
Avoid large prints or patterns that detract from your face.
Choose long sleeved shirts or sweaters rather than short-sleeved.


Plan to wear your hair in a style you're comfortable with. Avoid new cuts or styles.


        Do not wear any makeup containing glitter.


Be sure you're groomed as you'd like to be for your portrait. Look for unwanted neck hair.


Every image tells its own unique story - which is why they make such ideal gifts. No matter the occasion - a holiday, a wedding, baby's first steps, or a family portrait - every event presents an opportunity to share your love and memories with friends and family by giving a gift to celebrate the occasion.

Michael's Photography offers a new gift certificate that makes an elegant statement to the gift recipient. We will enclose a brochure about our work with the gift certificate so that your friend or relative can see the quality of the gift you are presenting.


Experience the Magic of a Portrait Memory

Life's moments are a lot like magic ~ here one minute and gone the next. Capture the memories and the magic of family with the enduring beauty of a portrait.

We Create Togetherness

One of life's greatest pleasures is seeing your family together. Chances are your family will be gathering sometime soon. There's no better time to create a family portrait that will capture the spirit of family for you to enjoy all year round. Take this opportunity to capture this time in your family's history and give your family a gift that will turn those special moments into memories they can hold on to forever.

With creative attention to detail, we can provide your family with a quality portrait that will bring years of enjoyment.

Outdoors is one of the most beautiful and visually exciting environments for photographing people, portraying the warmth and special bond between them. Capture and preserve the love, affection and expressions that are uniquely your family.